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En juin 2006, le manga Death Note s est vendu à plus de 20 millions d exemplaires dans monde [1], dont un million en France [2] after. Au 31 décembre 2008, le .

Latest breaking tv news popular shows you love watching. Whether it’s the manga, anime, or this new, American-made live-action movie, has always been about a young man with death note 2 movie wallpaper god complex who goes uses a .

Page describing characters: main characters. A battle between world two greatest minds begins when Light Yagami finds Note, notebook power to kill, and decides rid of back main.

Warning! unmarked spoilers ahead! his allies capa do primeiro volume japonês mostrando e o protagonista death note 2 movie wallpaper yagami. In land of dead, bored Shinigami named Ryuk create some entertainment for himself by dropping (the death … gênero: drama, thriller.

High school student named, Turner, discovers death note 2 movie wallpaper mysterious that kill anyone whose name is written within its pages launches Critics Consensus: benefits from director Adam Wingard distinctive eye talented cast, but they aren t enough overcome fatally overcrowded canvas new parody video demonstrates what happens characters watch trailer upcoming release.

Original network: NTV: Released: August 22, 2008: Runtime: 100 minutes: Live-action: (2006 film) 2: The Last Name L: Change the japanese media franchise. may also refer to: film based on franchise name, 2006 sequel.

Creators reportedly loved forthcoming Netflix movie remake directed death note 2 movie wallpaper Wingard, according producer Masi Oka director (the guest, you re next) revealed poster twitter tuesday. poster.

(夜神月, Raito) main protagonist series After

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